As a lover and learner of languages, I often find myself discussing my favorite idioms and phrases with friends. Some of my favorites come from French, as anything seems to sound more poetic, from "bonjour" (literally translated as "good day") to "coup de foudre" (literally: "lightning strike", idiom: "love at first sight").
These posters translate the French expressions into a visual form, with colors that I associate with each phrase and a font that looks like French phonology sounds. The font was also chosen to accentuate the spellings of each word, on a background done the French way: simple but elegant. The other phrases "bon courage" ("good luck" or "have courage") and "mon cheri" ("my darling" or "my cherished one") I also chose for their common usage and connotations in French culture. I plan to add to this collection as I encounter more phrases and I've also considered using this as a draft for a campaign for a language learning application or travel company.
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