As a Junior Designer at the music app musx, I worked on several social media campaigns starting in the summer of 2016 and ending in May of 2017. Over these campaigns, I've worked not only as a social media planner but also as the primary creative and design member on our team. I designed the social media graphics for these campaigns and helped the other members of the team to plan our campaigns and distribute them at the appropriate time. At the end of the summer, we had more than doubled our Twitter followers, increased followers and engagement on Instagram by more than 150%, and ran several campaigns on the brand's Facebook page.
Print Ad
This print ad is a poster for Austin music venues, where we would best reach music lovers attending shows around town. A separate effort from the social media campaign below, it makes the purpose of musx clear: to connect those who love music and give them a place to share new music. I wanted the poster to explain that purpose and generate interest in one look, and be eye-catching enough that someone would look in the first place. To do so, I chose to hand-illustrated the connecting headphone wires to give the ad's minimalist style a more personal look.
Weekend 10 Poster Graphics
Musx released a countdown with the 10 best, new, and undiscovered songs for each weekend on the app. I made these "posters" as social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to drive people to discover the songs on the app. Each of these graphics is composed of one of my own photos as the background and the song countdown as body text. The graphics are meant to resemble radio countdowns, but with a summer weekend, feel-good theme. This campaign was ongoing over the course of three months and increased user interaction with the playlist on the musx app.
Faces of Musx
Faces of Musx was a social media campaign we created to feature music lovers in Austin and the songs that the song they treasure most at the moment, using the tag #stuckonrepeat. We featured musicians and music bloggers. At the end of the summer, we planned to branch out to feature those that might not be involved in the music industry, but still have a passion for music.
Vinyl Graphics
In the process of the musx rebrand, we considered using these vinyl graphics I photographed and edited to relay the feeling of finding a favorite album in a record store. Ultimately, it they were not consistent with the brand image we developed, but they helped provide direction for the ultimate messaging of the brand.
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